TRACY WHALEN. Hair and Make Up Artist. - Special Occasions
TRACY WHALEN.  Hair and Make Up Artist. - Company Message

Treat yourself for a special occasion. A day at the races, attending a wedding, a prom, photo shoot any reason you can think of. 

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Hair & Make up

Make up 

False strip or cluster Lashes

£6.00 - 8.00
Cover up/Camouflage Make up
     Pin up 
 £ 25 - 30.00
      Half & half do
 £25 - 30.00
      Blow dry, curls, complicated plaits
 £20 -25.00
      Simple, plaits or twists


 Please note;  
Trials are priced the same as the day.
 Mileage is charged at 45p/m over 10 miles travel from NE33 3JB
 An additional fee will be charged for a large booking requiring an additional artist.
 Please see terms and conditions when booking.

Tracy Whalen 
Tel; 07971675098

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