TRACY WHALEN. Hair and Make Up Artist. - Make Up / Hair styling Lessons
TRACY WHALEN.  Hair and Make Up Artist. -             LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD

Make Up and /or Hair Lessons

Make Up  £30/hr
Learn the art of make up in your own home.
Together we can discuss whether you would like to learn how to achieve 1 specific look or several different looks. You can learn how to apply individual make up products and figure out which tool/applicator is best suited to you for each different product.
This is a fun, informative time.

Do It Yourself Hair  £30/hr
Have you ever seen a hairstyle and thought to yourself "I wish I could do that?"
Well now you will be able to. I can teach you how to achieve that longed for style. A little patience and practice is all you need.
A lot of fun is had during these lessons.

Hair and Make up lessons £50/hr

*Make Up and Hairstyling lessons can be a group booking, learn each others styles so you can achieve them on yourself and your friends for an evening out or special occasion.
*A group price package can be arranged.

*Both of these lessons qualify for a 20% discount if taken in conjunction with Make Up / Hair Shopping.

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