TRACY WHALEN. Hair and Make Up Artist. - Covid-19 Announcements
TRACY WHALEN.  Hair and Make Up Artist. - Company Message

As of July 9th 2020

Make-up - appointments can be booked but not yet carried out.

HAIRDRESSING - appointments can be booked and carried out with the following procedures in place.

Hello, thank you to all past clients for waiting and welcome to new clients. During the lock down I have completed 3 hygiene & health & safety certificates, Barbicide covid-19, Dermalogica and safe sets plus team meetings with colleagues and completed Risk assessments. I will follow government guidelines with the added precaution of clients also wearing masks. I will update the precautions as and when is necessary.
These precautions are in place to keep you, your family, myself and my family as safe as possible and to be able to continue with all appointments.
·         You must cancel appointments if you, anyone you live with or anyone you have been in contact with is feeling unwell, has covid-19 or has any symptoms including, continuous cough, a higher temperature, aches & pains, diarrhoea, sickness. My families & other clients health depends on this. Your appointment will be rearranged.
·         I cannot attend your appointment if you or anyone you live with or have been in contact with have travelled from abroad in the last 14days.
·         All clients must give me their contact details which will be kept for 21 d
ays, to give to Track & Trace if necessary.
·        . All tools, equipment will be disinfected thoroughly including the boxes/bags they are stored in, all PPE will be bagged & sealed to dispose of or thoroughly disinfected between every appointment location.
·        . I will wear an apron, visor and mask if possible.·        . All clients to wear a mask (can be provided if necessary for £1.) When working around the ears the mask should be held in place by yourself. This will be re-assessed at subsequent appointments and when guidelines change.
·         .Appointments will take longer due to hygiene procedures. Clients are required to ensure all areas I will be in are disinfected prior to or on my arrival.
·        . Appropriate social distancing must be adhered to.
·         .There must be a clear route to & from my place of work, no doors to open etc., nothing in the way of myself and kit.
·         .No extra clients can have a service at your appointment.
·         .Clients & myself to wash or sanitise hands on my arrival and departure.
·         .Windows to be open where applicable, no air conditioning on.
·         .All clients to have freshly washed hair, I can wash if absolutely necessary.
·         .Only myself and the client in the areas I am working, unfortunately this includes children at the moment. If at anytime another person is nearby, they must stay 3m away and not touch any kit.
·        . Only people who live in the household are allowed in the house when I am there. (only 2 households allowed to meet together – me and you).
·         .Please keep pets in a separate room.
·        . I have a card machine which is preferable to cash. If paying cash please try to have the correct money.
·        .
If I know I or my family have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19, have any of the symptoms or feel generally unwell, I will have to cancel or rearrange the appointment. I will endeavour to provide a replacement from a pool of trusted stylists.

·         I reserve the right to update & amend these precaution guidelines as and when is necessary.

A Risk Assessment is available on request.

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