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TRACY WHALEN.  Hair and Make Up Artist. -             LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD

Bridal, Prom and Special Occasion

 Bridal and Weddings
   Make Up and Hair

 On the day of your Wedding, you want to look good and feel good.
 I offer the service to make that happen.
 I will arrive at your chosen location to enhance your natural beauty, whether    that be your home, hotel of wedding ceremony. I will arrive in plenty of time  to set up discreetly until you are ready to be pampered.

 If there are others in your bridal party that are having hair and/or make up  done, I will do these first and if you are having hair and make up done, I will  style your hair first, so your makeup is at its freshest when you see your husband  to be.
 My aim on your big day is to make you look and feel beautiful. To do this I  encourage a stress free environment and try to aid this by helping you relax and  enjoy the start of your day.

Attended Wedding Photographs - Staying with you during your wedding  photographs.
 Evening Top Up - of makeup, hair tweaks.
 These are subject to a small charge and location dependent.
 Make up and/or Hair for Brides, Grooms,Bridesmaids, Mothers, Flower girls, Guests.

 Tel; 07971675098  or 01914555798 /

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