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TRACY WHALEN.  Hair and Make Up Artist. -             LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD

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  Weddings                BRIDE                 
 Hair & Make up package                                £120.00                             
 Hair &  M/up trial   inc. consultation                    £100.00                             up to 3hrs

 Hair only  short/long                                         £50/£60.00                         45-1hr         Make up only                                                £60.00                                   1hr
 *False lashes suppliedadditional cost £6.00

 OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BRIDAL PARTY, inc. Bridesmaids, Mothers and flower girls
 Hair & Make up package                               £80-£90.00                      90m-2hr
 Hair & M/up trial inc. consultation               £80-£90                             2hr-3hr
 Make up only                                               £40                                       45m
 Hair only  short/long                                        £40-50                            up to 1hr
 Blow dry                                                      £20.50/26.50
 Flower girls  (up to 13yrs)                                          £20  Hair, touch of blush, mascara

 ** A non refundable booking fee of £50 or 40% (whichever is more )is required to secure the date of the          wedding. *Cash on the day prior to commencement of service or by bank transfer cleared 21days prior to the wedding.
 ** Bridal service costs cover consultation, time, advice, finding and choosing styles, final checks once    dressed, (sample of lipstick if required), insurances, quality of service, extra preparation, contracts and  invoicing. * For larger parties an additional hair/makeup artist maybe required to keep the time down.        Additional cost approx £60 + travel. (depending on which artist assists.) *All hair must be clean and dry unless booked for a blow dry. * Travel up to 20miles is included. Mileage is charged at 45p/m over 20m plus any tunnel/toll charges. 

 *Please see Terms and conditions on website or in the contract.
 *Hair and make up trials are priced as 3hours long. Additional hours will be charged at £25.00/hour. Hair or makeup trials are priced at 2hours long, additional hours will be charged at £25/hr.

 HAIR AND MAKEUP PACKAGES       *weddings and tattoo cover are priced separately.       
 Hair & Make up                                             £55                                2hr-2hr30m
 Hair up / half & half                                      £26.50-30.50                   1hr-1h30m Make up                                                 £35                                  45m
 False Lashes                                                     £6.00
 False hair/piece can be sourced if required at a small cost. a further consultation/trial will be needed to check the colour match.
 *Mileage costs are charged over 20miles from NE33 at 0.45p/m. Tunnel tolls will also be charged.
 Childs cut   under 13                                     £8.50                                                   
 Wet cut                                                    £12.50                                       30m
 Blow dry    short/long/bouncy                         £15.50/£17.50/£20.50            45-60m
 Cut & blow dry                                         £22.50                                        60m
 Restyle/ Long hair cut & blow dry            £26.50                                       90m
 Shampoo & Set/long hair set                    £15.50/£26.50                      50m-90m
 Cut & set/long hair Cut & set                   £20.50/30.50                     1hr-1hr40m    
 Luxury Conditioning Treatment Inc. blow dry £20.50                                       1hr
 LCT inc. Cut & blow dry                           £25.50                                    60-75m
 LCT inc.  Cut & long/ Bouncy blow dry     £30.50                                     1hr40m
 Curls            styled from dry                            £15.50                                    30-45m
 COLOURS* inc. cut & Blow dry.  **
 Semi - permanent                                      £46.50/51.50                  2hr-2hr30m
 Full head tint/long hair                              £46.50/51.50                    2hr/2hr30m
 Root stretch/regrowth                                £42.50                                        2hr
 Highlights, Lowlights/half head                  £56.50£/50.50+ add. colours      2hr-2hr30m
 Balyage/Creative colour                             £56.50 + additional colours                3hr +
 * Any additional colours/toners                  £5 each

 **Additional hours at single app.                £10 each
 **Patch/skin tests must be carried out 48hrs before application.

 Perms* inc. cut & blowdry                          from  £45                                         2hr30-3hr

 Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint  inc. tweezer shape       £12.50                                     30m 
Tattoo cover                                      from     £50                                      30m-1hr+
 *Professional products used by a qualified camouflage make up artist. 
 Lessons / Shopping   Perfect for teenagers / change of style or if stuck in arut. 
 Make up lesson/How to Hair                       £30/50                                  1hr/2hrs 
Makeup bag make over/Shopping                £50.00                                   2hr
s*False lashes                                          £6  

 **Travel will charged over 20miles from NE33 at 0.45p/m. Tunnel tolls will also be  charged.
 PHOTOSHOOTS                                                                                                       Hair & Makeupincludes checks throughout the shoot.£55                                 1hr 15--2hr
 Hair only -  1 style                                           £30.50                             45m-1hr30m 
  Make up only - 1 look                                      £35                                  45m-1hr
 *Additional hours/looks &/or assistance during shoot will be charged at £25/hr
 *Mileage costs will charged over 20miles from NE33 at 0.45p/m. Tunnel tolls will  also be charged.
 **Professional and Commercial photoshoots  Price on Enquiry 

  Film, Television & Theatre                           Price on Enquiry

                                           Contact Tracy on 07971675098
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